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     The Dollhouse is equipped with an abundant amounts of options to make your dream tropical photoshoot come true. We have four different Tropical Tub options. A stunning mirror setup, a Tropical Bed set up, outdoor tropical shower with surfboard accents, gorgeous plants accompanied with a lounge area and multiple different hammocks to shoot.  


We also have a full indoor studio with Air condition, a full kitchen, Wardrobe, props and makeup room and a master bedroom for your in-home styled session. Seamless paper background or green screen to create fun and creative images as well as clean and professional set for your headshots, digitals and website photos.

     This studio was created to be able to change up the look to make every shoot customizable to the vision and style of your dreams! We have different styles of rugs, sheets, curtains, couches and thrones to make your own sets unique. 

We have a LARGE Wardrobe available with lingerie, swimwear, elegant and casual dresses as well as coats, jackets and coverups!

Its a dream closet!

     Photo packages are available with JTangProductions/Boudoir Hawaii, but the studio is also available to RENT and bring your own photographer!

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