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About Me

           Aloha, I'm Jamie-Lee Tang. I am the woman behind the camera and I'm incredibly passionate for family, love, beauty and adventure that's what I strive to create with my work. Imagine a stunning photo of your wedding or family that you can proudly put up in your home and look at it as ART and remember the day and the moments.


         My background from childhood has been art of some form. My mom always said I always had a pen in my hand and when I got the opportunity to explore more of what art is and how you can express it, I fell in love with film and storytelling in high school and continued my education through my Bachelors in Creative Media. After graduating with a film degree I wanted to learn more about my camera and fell in love with telling a story through a photo. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and what so special about that is how you interpret that picture and its meaning.


  As a wife and mother of two little ones, I watch my keiki grow and feel the need to capture every stage they go through. I am creating their memories, capturing them for future generations to will know where they came from. Families goes through stages in life full of different personalities and I want to capture what is authentically you. From couple photos to engagements, weddings, that baby belly and family photos, I would love to be apart of it all. 

     Born and Raised in Hawai'i with the Hawaiian Culture being my main culture growing up, I find it important to tell the stories of our hawaiian people through modern day cultural shoots always adorned with the beautiful work from our hawaiian people such as leis, skirts, jewelry, papale and modern day cultural attire. 

        I am Passionate about the Hawaiian Culture and the local businesses that help keep Hawai'i running and keep our hawaiian people here. It is my goal to support local and help keep Hawai'i and our local economy running! I truly think supporting and sharing our local businesses is so important. If you know a local business or are a local business and would like to work together, please don't hesitate to message me! 

If you would like to work with me, please fill out the contact form below and lets create something BEAUTIFUL. 

Contact Me

Honolulu, HI 96816

Tel: 808-280-7280

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